Gothia Cup 2022 – U16 Squad

A fantastic trip and experience for all.  Thanks.

Paul (parent)

Thank you to Scott and Luke for taking such care of the boys, and for all the excellent coaching. It has been a great experience and one we will all remember.

Marny (parent)


Gothia Cup 2022 – U15 Squad

It was Magic!! Incredible experience ……thank you all. 

Juliette (parent)

Great team building for another go at the Gothia Cup next year.

Tony (parent)

Thanks for taking care of the kids the way you did.

Desiree (parent)

It is our first experience of Gothia and it has been so positive, your professionalism is so re-assuring.

Rhona (parent)

Thanks so much for everything, super happy Denis.  Amazing experience.

Elena (parent)


Gothia Cup 2022 – U14 Boys squad

Great experience. Well done to the boys, proud of the team.  

Jose (parent)

Super proud of the boys, such an experience, be proud of yourselves too.

Claire (parent)

Thank you so much, what an experience they have had.

Caroline (parent)

Really proud of every single one of the boys, was a pleasure to watch them in the tournament. What a group!!

Jordan (Coach)

Won as a team with humility and lost as a team with dignity and grace.  Great bunch of lads, supported each other through the good times, and the tough ones.  Proud of this group.

Andy (parent)

Joe loved everything about it.  Thank you so much.

Michelle (parent)

One happy boy here, when picked up from the airport he was beaming ‘Unreal, amazing, best time ever, friends for life, fab coaches, can I go next year please?’    Thanks for taking care of him, and giving him such a wonderful experience. 

Liz (parent)

Gothia Cup 2022 – U14 Girls squad

Thanks Stu and Emily for looking after the girls, really hard to go out the way they did, but that is football. 

Stuart (parent)

A fantastic experience for the girls to play in a global tournament.

Andrew (parent)

Gratitude to Stu and Emily for supporting the girls and making their trip even more special. 

Sumaya (parent)  

Gothia Cup 2022 – U13 Girls squad

Thank you ben and Lily, you and the girls have been amazing, its been great to follow from back home.

Simon (parent)

The girls could not have asked for better coaches.  What a week. Roll on 2023.

Sarah (parent)

Ben and Lily, the girls have been lucky to have you. 2023?

Clare (parent)

Emily has had a blast being away with her team mates. What a fantastic week, thank you.

Andrew (parent)

Thank you for giving the girls an amazing experience.  They’ve had a blast. 

Rebecca (parent)

Thanks to the coaches for all your hard work, the girls will remember this week forever.

Ben (parent)

Thanks to all the coaches and the team.  They had an amazing experience and will be something they will remember fondly for a long time.

Andy (parent) 

Gothia Cup 2022 – U12 Squad

Thanks a lot to everyone, very proud to be able to play in a way representing England.  

Jose (parent)

Thank you to all of the parents and players for a fantastic week.

Callum and Will (coaches)

Gothia Cup 2022 U11 Squad

Thank you for organising a fantastic week!!  The football was great, the coaches were the best and all the children had a superb and wonderful experience. 

Kalpna (parent)

Thanks for an amazing week of football and fun.

Chethana (parent)

Thanks for a superb week, the coaches were brilliant and Lynne totally professional efforts behind the scenes.  Here’s to next year. 

Matt (parent)



Gothia Cup 2022 – U13 Boys

Thank you for all you have done to bring these boys together on and off the pitch.  It was a pleasure watching them play and we all had a great time, thank you. 

Chantal (parent)

Great job, they have had the most amazing time. you’ve bonded them and they’ve played some great football.

Darren (parent)

Thanks for a lovely week!  Lovely memories for the boys and families. 

Lauren (parent)

Thanks for an amazing week of football and fun, wonderful memories for them all to treasure.

Chethana (parent)

A wonderful event and masterful organisation

Thank you for yet another wonderful event at the Gothia Cup and the masterful organisation.  My boys didn’t think last year could be beaten but there you go.  Can’t wait for next year.   Solene, parent

Mrs F (parent) – Gothia Cup 2018

He had the best week, he loved every second of it. So thank you for giving him the opportunity.
He would absolutely love to play again next year!

Mrs G (parent) – Gothia Cup 2018

Wow what a fantastic time he and my dad had, and what an experience!
We were also on the edge of our seats watching the livestream, and could hear the atmosphere.
Thank you so so much for all your support